What information do we collect from our users and how do we collect it?

We only use your name and e-mail address through Paypal and Paydotcom to process your order.

Unlike most "Finacial-Based Information" Web sites:

1) You do not have to register in any way shape or form with us.

2) Your e-mail address or name is never sold for "bulk marketing" and we don't do any form of e-mail "harvesting."

3) You will not be put on any form of mailing list for anything like a "newsletter" or other promotional material, from us or anyone else associated with us.

4) We will not even contact you for other "Internal" products or services that we provide.

5) Nothing about you or what you purchased will ever be shared or sold to a third party (apart from Paydotcom and Paypal, as these are needed to process your order).

6) We respect your privacy completely 100%.

We understand what it's like to purchase a product or service, either Online or in a Brick and Mortar Store, and get harassed, bothered, and inundated with services or offers that we don't want and aren't interested in. Especially when you are self-employed and your time is very precious and valuable, the last thing you want is to get interrupted while you are working.

Therefore, we can assure you that you will not have to deal with anything like this from ordering this book/set.

We only want you to use our book/set to become financially successful and financially free.

Thank you.

Alexander "Lucky" Hamilton
Privacy Policy